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The Skinny on Hypnosis for Weight Loss

or, How Your Imagination Is Stronger Than Your Will

by Carolyn A. Romano, Bliss Healing Arts
October 2007

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath in.  That's it.  And now exhale.  Good.  For a moment, I want you to go ahead in time and visualize yourself at your ideal weight.  See the clothes you are wearing; see the new number on the scale; notice how you are feeling to be at this new, healthier weight.  Congratulate yourself on a job well done...." 
Could you see your new self?  I bet you could.  Most of us do have the ability to visualize, dream, imagine how we want to be.  Truly, that's one of the keys to hypnosis -- allowing yourself to explore the power of your imagination.  It will beat your best efforts at willpower every time. 

The second key to successful hypnosis is its ability to access the subconscious mind.  Our conscious mind tends to filter and judge all that it hears, but our subconscious mind is free from those same limitations.  Under hypnosis, therefore, the subconscious is able to hear suggestions about eating habits, exercise, and other weight loss strategies, for example, and allow these to become part of your new thought and behavior patterns. 

Sound too good to be true?  Well, there are a few other considerations.  First, the weight won’t just drop off of you if you are not truly ready to make the necessary changes in your life for healthy weight loss to occur.  Second, reinforcement is important.  For best results, five or more sessions are recommended.  In my practice, for instance, I require at least a three-session commitment.

What does a “BLISSful” hypnosis session for weight loss look like?  At your first session, expect to spend part of the time talking with me about your weight loss goals, eating habits, exercise, and anything else you feel is relevant to your ability to lose weight.  You will also participate in some simple “tests” of your imagination.  This gives me valuable information on the best ways to work with you.

Once we are finished with this portion of the session, you will get in a comfortable position, usually on a treatment table, and the hypnosis will begin.  The goal of the hypnosis will be to achieve a light, interactive “trance,” or relaxed state, that will allow us to access your subconscious mind, offer it all of our predetermined weight-loss suggestions, and give you time to visualize a new you.  Next, you will be guided out of the hypnosis through a simple, counting-up procedure.  In future sessions, I use to help you deepen your level of relaxation, reinforce the weight-loss suggestions used in previous sessions, and add new suggestions, as appropriate.  It’s that simple.

Some things for you to keep in mind:  You cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis.  You will not tell me any family secrets like where the money is hidden (Would that this were so!).  You will not do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t do in your ordinary waking state.  You, truly, are in control of the entire session.

Intrigued?  Consider a free, 30-minute consultation in person or over the phone to find out if hypnosis is right for you.  Call me at 508-481-2547 or email blisscenter@comcast.net.  And if we do decide to work together, each session, I will look forward to seeing less and less of you!

© 2007 Carolyn A. Romano.  All Rights Reserved.  www.blisshealingarts.com
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