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March 06, 2015 (19:10) by Carolyn Romano
The Native American Eagle Dance
Originally published in October 2007 As a medicine woman, I am always on the lookout for compelling stories, ceremonies, and...
May 17, 2014 (20:08) by Carolyn Romano
Untying the Knot: 10 Tips for Handling Stress on Your Way to the Altar
Most of us have little trouble imagining our wedding day in all its perfection:  the dress, the music, the flower...
April 13, 2014 (21:05) by Carolyn Romano
From Distress to De-Stress, or Balance in the Midst of Chaos
Got stress?  You are not alone.  We all experience it, fight it, succumb to it, even sometimes wear it as...
March 08, 2014 (21:34) by Carolyn Romano
The Beat Goes On: Shamanic Journeying Explained
The Beat Goes On Shamanic Journeying to the Drum by Carolyn A. Romano, Bliss Healing Arts, March 2014 (originally published...
January 12, 2014 (00:23) by Carolyn Romano
Six Ways to Rev Up Your Resolutions
Six Ways to Rev Up Your Resolutions  by Carolyn A. Romano, Bliss Healing Arts, January 2014 10...9....8....7....6...The ball begins its descent...
September 26, 2012 (22:22) by Carolyn Romano
'Neath My Beautiful Banyan Tree
So, I've been sitting here for the past two days writing and rewriting what is supposed to be my brief,...
November 07, 2011 (22:26) by Carolyn Romano
Five Keys for Finding Love, Theosophical Style
November 2011 Is it possible to ask an organization to completely transform itself and still stay true to its mission?...
December 06, 2010 (11:57) by Carolyn Romano
Drawing Out My Inner Wisdom...with Crayons
A simply profound exercise reveals the self.   In early October 2010, I attended the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Professional...