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Join us for journeying to nonordinary reality!  Second Monday of every month from 7 to 9pm ET.   2021 Dates: June...
Airs Mon and Tues at 2pm/2am EST on http://dreamvisions7radio.com - Click Listen Live Past shows are in the Dreamvisions 7 archives,...
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2021 Calendar of Events

Shamanic Apprenticeship Group - Walking in Two Worlds IN PROGRESS

Gather together with others to remember, cultivate and share your personal medicine with the world. Email carolyn@blisshealingarts.com for an exploratory conversation. Next cohort begins February 2022.


    Radio Program “Living on Purpose with Carolyn Romano”

    Tune in Mondays and Tuesdays at 2am and 2pm EST, in the archives, and on iTunes. http://www.dreamvisions7radio.com

    Are you ready to create a life of balance, abundance and joy? To live from a place of right intention and right alignment in all that you do? Then, tune in to Living on Purpose with Carolyn Romano. Living on Purpose is about standing in the center of your life so that no matter what is happening around you, you can respond from a place of peace and strength. Living on Purpose is about being "deliberately aligned" with the ways you are meant to serve and grow while staying open to experiencing life fully. Living on Purpose is a time for us to come together to remember our Divine selves, while we learn and wonder about, weight and consider, and unpack and repack the mysteries, meaning, and sometimes madness of life.


    Shamanic Journeying Circle with Live Drumming - Second Monday of the Month, 7-9pm

    Shamanic journeying is the art of traveling within to the "invisible worlds" beyond ordinary reality. The purpose of a journey is to retrieve information for change in every area of our lives--from spirituality and health to work and relationships. New and experienced journeyers are welcome. Instruction in journeying is offered before each circle. We usually meet the 2nd Monday of every month.   "When you start shamanic journeying . . . you're going to get lots of teachings you never asked for and never expected. Because once you go through those door--whatever those doors are--the spirits will teach you according to your preparation, and your life will change. Even one journey may start changing your life."   

                                                            --Michael Harner, Founder and Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies  


    Cost: $40, single session, Pre-register by clicking the link below.

    Multi-session discount: 2 for $70 or 4 for $100. 


    Bringing Back the Moon Lodge

    Returning in 2022 / Dates TBA

    A traditional moon lodge was the place where women went when they were "on their moon," or menstruating. Once there, they would be honored, nurtured, supported to be still and to open to receptive, feminine energy. 

     Bliss is bringing back the moon lodge! Join us each month for this mini "stillness retreat." During our time together, you will be bathed in healing energy and support through music, crystals, aromatherapy, guided visualization, and intention.  

    Cost: $25 each, Pre-register by clicking the link below. Location: TBA





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