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"Carolyn is a true keeper of the flame.  We all have met people like this, and if you're smart, you get to know them.  They are usually the quiet ones. 

In her healing work with shamanic journeying and energy medicine, I have both observed and experienced Carolyn's innate ability to create a warm, safe, and sacred space for personal growth, healing, and renewal. 

If you are a seeker in search of some answers, or in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, I encourage you to get to know Carolyn and her work." 

                                        — Rev. Paul J. Rogoshewski
                                        Harmony Energy Medicine


"I have had the great pleasure of working with Carolyn for the past several years.  Her ever-present compassion and empathy combined with her knowledge of myriad healing modalities have gently guided me through the most difficult time in my life. 

She is truly a gifted healer."

                                        — Laura


"I have been doing Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Coaching with Carolyn, and I'm amazed at the inner growth I'm noticing in hindsight!  I was full of angst just a few months ago, and having trouble cutting things out of my life that no longer served me.  I feel headed in the right direction now - with both career and home goals - and I've also seen an improvement in my diet and exercise with the extra time I'm saving from no longer running around in a panic.  Thank you, Carolyn!  Life really can be much simpler.    

                                        — Sarah


"I have been fortunate enough to take part in many of the circles that Carolyn has offered and have always left feeling wonderful with a renewed sense of confidence as to what my next step should be.  

So many positive things have happened in my life as a result of taking part in the shamanic drumming circles, women's coaching group, and energy work.  Carolyn is intuitive, caring, and knowledgeable, and I'm looking forward to the next journey!"

                                        — Marci


This [session] was the most profound healing experience I've ever had.  I just knew that things were happening on a deep level."

                                        — Rosa



"What a trip!  I am thrilled that [through CCMBA] I was able to release so much pain from my past.  I feel great!"

                                        — Diana




The wonders of journeying never cease . . . . Each time I come I feel more honored and more grateful to know you [and] to take this path.


                                        — Paul


Beautiful newsletter, Carolyn!  Thanks a million. I had tears in my eyes reading about the heart necklace. Just beautiful. 

                                        — Janet


In July 2007, I was diagnosed with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, a serious disease in which the heart muscle becomes inflamed and doesn't work as well as it should. At age 49, married with three kids, ages 2, 6, & 11, and at risk for "sudden cardiac death, I vowed to do whatever I could to get better. My cardiologist put me on several meds, told me to restrict sodium and enter a cardiac rehab program. I prayed quite a bit and solicited prayers from friends and family as well.  

On advice from a friend, I decided to make an appointment with Carolyn Romano of BLISS Healing Arts. I have never experienced anything like our healing treatments and have maintained a regular schedule of treatments ever since. 
The first week of December, I had an echocardiogram and an appointment with my cardiologist. He had warned me not to expect too much improvement.... When the cardiologist came into the exam room after my test, he was stunned. My "ejection fraction" was 55%-normal! He said "I don't know what you're doing but continue whatever it is."
I've always believed God works through people. Certainly the power of prayer led me to my physician, my cardiac rehab team, and my friend who led me to Carolyn. I believe that BLISS Healing Arts was the piece of the puzzle that put me over the top to maximize the healing process. We are all given gifts in our lives. What a gift having healing hands must be! Carolyn is lucky enough to know that she has these gifts and uses them to their fullest. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me!!!

                                        — Bill Fredericks, President
AllCare Medical Supply, Millbury

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Bliss Certificate - 3 hour-long sessions!