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The Beat Goes On: Shamanic Journeying Explained

March 08, 2014 (21:34) by Carolyn Romano

The Beat Goes On

Shamanic Journeying to the Drum

by Carolyn A. Romano, Bliss Healing Arts, January 2022

"When you start shamanic journeying . . . you're going to get lots of teachings you never asked for and never expected. Because once you go through those doors-whatever those doors are- the spirits will teach you according to your preparation, and your life will change. Even one journey may start changing your life."  

                                          --Michael Harner, Founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies  

Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the "invisible worlds" beyond ordinary reality. The purpose of a journey is to retrieve information for change in every area of our lives-from spirituality and health to work and relationships.   To journey, you would typically lie in a comfortable position in a darkened room (an eye cover is a big help!).  As the leader (that would be me!) begins drumming in a steady rhythm, you set your intention for the journey and are on your way.  Perhaps you want to meet a power animal, get a question answered, or simply explore the lower or upper world.  There is no limit to what is possible in non-ordinary reality.

Following a specific process, you will arrive in the designated world and experiences a journey generally filled with vivid imagery, metaphor, information, guides in human or animal form – it is an interactive wonderland!  All the while the steady drumbeat facilitates this meditative process. 

After 10, 15, 20 minutes, the drumbeat shifts and “calls you back.”  You finish up what you were doing, thank whomever you are engaged with, and make your way back.  Once returned to ordinary reality, you can write about or otherwise share your journey.  Making sense of the rich detail and activity in the journey is half the fun! 

If you are interested in learning more about shamanic journeying or want to attend a journeying circle, please call or email Carolyn, 508-481-2547/ blisscenter@comcast.net.  BLISS’s Shamanic Journeying Circle meets the second Monday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. in Maynard.  $25 each Circle.  New and experienced journeyers are welcome.  Instruction in journeying is offered before each Circle.  See you there!