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Co-Creative Partnership with Spirit Weekend Retreat

Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18

Fri 6-10pm | Sat 10-4 | Sun 10-1    Investment: $995


Hey, it's Carolyn, and I'm so happy you've landed on this page so you can learn more about the Co-Creative Partnership with Spirit Weekend Retreat. It's been quite some time since I've offered a shamanic experience like this, and I'm so looking forward to what unfolds for us all! 

Maybe you're like me and really want to know yourself and be clear about your spiritual path. And maybe, like me, you've said things to yourself like:

  • I just want to be able to trust myself and the information I'm getting.
  • I want to get out of my own way.
  • I want clarity so I can be confident about my next steps.
  • I want to let go of this fear and step into my power.
  • I crave Spirit's guidance and protection.

Fortunately, on the other side of these wants, there is another way! What if I told you that you could:

  • live from a place of right intention and alignment in all that you do
  • feel an unwavering trust in Spirit (or the Universe, or your Higher Self, however you want to refer to this Great Mystery)
  • tap into the ways you are meant to serve and grow while staying open to experiencing life fully
  • stand in the center of your life so that no matter what's happening around you, you can respond from a place of peace and strength
  • understand and embrace your personal medicine, your unique gifts that can change the world

If you've read this far and are still having doubts, let's take a look at them now because you just might be stuck in some self-limiting beliefs. These might look like the following:

  • I believe I'm too insignificant for Spirit to pay attention to
  • I doubt I can make a difference
  • I don't want the responsibility that I know comes from living this way
  • I have to keep my spiritual life separate from the rest of my life or people won't take me seriously -- too "woo"
  • I don't think Spirit will communicate with me -- I'm making it all up
  • I can't find the right person to guide me
  • I'm afraid of change
  • I've tried being "open" but nothing ever changes

I've worked with people who showed up with many of these same doubts and self-limitations, and here's what they've had to say:

"Working with Carolyn for the past year has been an opportunity well worth repeating. Like getting on an amazing ride at the part and wanting to get back into line for another run!

Being part of the intimate women's circle, Carolyn made the process safe for me to explore a deeper understanding of my purpose, my gifts, and my intention for being in this world.

With her connection to spirit and her unwavering trust, Carolyn is a guide, a mentor, a seeker of truth, a teacher of wisdom, and a beautifully talented healer. Heartfelt gratitude for all that she offers to those who walk the path with her."  -- G. R. 

In the Co-Creative Partnership with Spirit Weekend Retreat, you’ll take the next step on your journey from the spiritually seeking human being to the spirit-led dynamo. 

How cool is that? In this three-day gathering, I'll show you how to:

  1. Create sacred space to call in Spirit, your guides, and the support of the Universe
  2. Access communication doorways and discover which one most supports your interactions with Spirit
  3. Start (or continue) building your relationship with Spirit so you can begin the co-creative process

This Retreat is for you if you are willing to:

  1. Shed any limiting beliefs you have about the impact you are called to create in the world
  2. Trust in your ability to connect to and receive from Spirit
  3. Honor your unique gifts and the ways you are meant to offer them to the world

 Retreat Logistics for 9/16 to 9/18

FRIDAY: We begin on Friday afternoon with an arrival time between 5 and 6pm ET. Our evening consists of a welcome, introductions, and intention setting in sacred space. Make sure you grab your shamanic swag bag before we head over to a wonderful restaurant, the Salem Cross Inn, in West Brookfield for dinner (included). Salem Cross Inn is a restored 18th-century farmhouse on 600 acres. They ;ocally source or grow on their own land much of the produce they use in their restaurant.
SATURDAY: On Saturday at 8am, for those interested, you can attend a complimentary yoga class or take a walk on the nearby rail trail before joining us for a 10am start time. We will be in Circle together for teaching and experiential learning until lunchtime. Lunch will be provided by The Thai House in East Brookfield – I’ll take orders mid-morning. 
After eating together, the journey continues until about 4 (breaks and snacks provided).  From 4 to 730pm, you have an opportunity to shop at the Shaman's Closet, rest, and explore the area before dinner on your own but hopefully with new friends! We will reconvene at 730pm for ceremony.
SUNDAY: On Sunday, we will gather in circle at 10 am until sometime between 12 and 1.  I am providing lunch that day for folks who don’t have to get on the road right away. If the weather cooperates, you are welcome to linger by the tipi, hangout with the animals, etc.

Retreat Investment: $995

Location is outdoors at Charlie's Place, a 25-acre animal sanctuary and indoors at The Shaman's Closet both located in my small town of North Brookfield, in central Massachusetts.

Lodging is not included, but recommendations will be shared once you register. For people who are driving, North Brookfield is about 25 minutes from Sturbridge and Worcester.


What is it costing you to not be engaged in a powerful, co-creative partnership with Spirit?  

Here's the simple truth: The longer you wait to co-create  with Spirit and to build that unwavering trust, the longer you will be disconnected from the life you are meant to be living and the longer the world waits for the gifts that are uniquely yours to give.


"We teach what we most need to learn."

These words resonate. I offer this Retreat so I can stay grounded in the important teachings that have allowed me to build the life of my dreams, a relationship that nurtures me, family and friends (whether two-legged, four-legged or feathered) who love and support me, multiple successful careers, and my own unwavering trust in Spirit and the power inherent in co-creative partnership.
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