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Use Your Mind-Body Talents to Create Vibrant, Lasting Health!

September 26, 2012 (22:19) by Carolyn Romano

Use Your Mind-Body Talents to Create Vibrant, Lasting Health! This eight-week class wants you.

Did you know that you are already a mind-body medicine pro if you have ever:
  • worried yourself sick;
  • saw a pile of bugs that grossed you out and then felt like your skin was crawling;
  • obsessively thought about something until you achieved somebody-please-kill-me migraine status; or
  • been so nervous before a presentation or the big game or that really important "thing" that your guts cramped up and you barely made it to the restroom in time.


In each of these examples, your mind created a physiological response in your body (nausea, tingly skin sensations, headache, diarrhea). Not fun, for sure, but do you realize how powerful you are?


Since you've already mastered nausea and other not-so-pleasant symptoms, let's turn our attention now to using your mind-body talents to create positive, immune-enhancing, stress-relieving, blood-pressure-lowering, pain-reducing results that create or restore you to vibrant health.


Truly, you are just one mind-body skills group away from doing just that!


By participating in the Center for Mind-Body Medicine's world-renowned group process, you will learn and use research-based, mind-body tools to support health, well-being, and deeper self-awareness. Whether you are living with a chronic illness, maxed out on stress, trying to lose weight, or seeking to change your life, this group will serve you. Together, we will explore:
*mindfulness *guided imagery *breathing techniques *journaling *biofeedback *drawing *meditation, *movement *genograms, and more
Just this week, the New York Times published an article, "For Veterans, a Surge of New Treatments for Trauma" in which author Tina Rosenberg says "The Center for Mind-Body Medicine's program [i.e., the mind-body skills group]...is the most comprehensive of all [treatments for Veterans], giving participants a variety of different strategies to choose from...And it is the one with the strongest evidence that it works to cure PTSD." If this is what it does for people with PTSD, imagine what it could do for you!

2012 Rate: $180. Special circumstances considered. Pre-register at www.blisshealingarts.com or call 508-481-2547. Group capped at 12 participants. Credit cards accepted.



This is not group therapy but complements individual or group counseling.



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